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Jean Stora began studying Brazilian Dance, Capoeira and Percussion back in 1990 with the Samba schools of San Francisco. Inspired by the intoxicating rhythms of Brazil and the thriving Latin and Caribbean arts community in San Francisco, he began dancing and drumming professionally with various local companies and bands, and in 1995 was chosen as San Francisco's King of Carnaval.


Pursuing his interest in Latin American music, dance and culture, Jean travelled extensively in Brazil, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Mexico. He speaks Spanish and Portuguese along with English and his native tongue, French. Jean began performing and teaching Samba in Australia in 1996 before returning to San Francisco for several years where he enjoyed teaching packed classes at the Dance Mission studio. In 2001 he taught Brazilian percussion and dance in France, performed at music festivals throughout the country with "Les Diables Bleus" and directed the Brazilian dance company, Cuisse de Samba.


In 2002, Jean established Dance Central studio in Sydney with the vision of bringing together various dance styles in one location. Now based in Newcastle since 2006, Jean performs with his multicultural dance and percussion ensemble known as SambaFrog. He brings with him his energetic and exhilarating brand of Brazilian dance and percussion.

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